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Biggest Fresh Seafood Range

Fresh Seafood

seafood market @ CALOUNDRA has the Sunshine Coasts largest range of fresh Seafood - with qualified chefs on staff to give advice too.

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Cooked Fish & Chips

The tradional fish & chippery is what seafood market @ CALOUNDRA has always been about. 

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Our Chargrill and Oyster Bar

Oysters Kilpatrick, Oysters Mornay and even Half Shell Hervey Bay Scallops. You'll love what you see - and taste!


Your Kitchen Rules

To help you become a seafood Master Chef, we have dozens of Gourmet Lines in the fresh section of the market.


For the discerning seafood lover.

seafood market @ CALOUNDRA offers the finest quality fresh product – straight from the trawler to you.

Situated in the heart of Caloundra, we have a plentiful supply of seafood delicacies ranging from fresh to cooked, to appetising salads and accompaniments, including all of your old favourites, and now offering you our new Chargrilled & Oyster Bar section.

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