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Seafood Market @ CALOUNDRA offers an array of gourmet products and homemade meals ready to serve, making entertaining with seafood a delight.

We bring together locally grown produce, superb gourmet traditions and the finest seafood to ensure every experience is the best seafood has to offer.

The new gourmet range including seafood chowders, marinaras, curries, dips, pates’ and a premium Huon Salmon range is why the seafood market @ CALOUNDRA can make your special occasion more memorable.

Pepper & Salts:
Himalayan Crystal Salt
Lemon Myrtle Pepper
Chilli Salt
Smoked Salt
Aussie Pepper

Doodles Creek Mayos & Sauces:
Dill & Lime
Chilli Lime & Coriander
Tartare Sauce

Roza’s Range:
Mango Chilli & Coconut Chutney
Chilli & Ginger Chutney
Sweet Mustard With Apricots & Macadamia Nuts Chutney
Traditional Pesto
Classic Mayonnaise
Coconut & Chilli Mayonnaise

Simply Stirred Dressings:
Mango Chilli & Coriander
Mandarin & Mint
Sweet Chilli Lime & Coriander
Vietnamese Mint & Coconut

Wild Rocket & Beetroot
Wild Rocket, Mango, Macadamia & Avocado
Made daily
Large selection

Gourmet Chefs Sauces:
Thai Green Curry
Chilli Mussel
White Wine & Garlic

Aromatic Fish Broth
Fish Stock
Immune Booster
Classic Chicken
Classic Beef

Soups & Chowders:
Snapper, Bacon & Cauliflower
Sweet Corn & Sandcrab Soup
Prawn Laksa
Seafood Chowder
Tom Kha Salmon Soup

Chillies & Curries:
Thai Red Seafood Curry
Singaporean Chilli Crab

Crab & Prawn Bisque
Garlic Prawns

Salmon & Ginseng Patties
Salmon Rilletts
Salmon Sausages w Cracked Pepper, Coriander, Basil & Lime
Prawn Sausages w Honey & Macadamia
Snapper Sausages w Parmesan, Black Pepper & Spinach
Huon Tasmanian Spiced Ocean Trout
Huon Gin & Kaffir Lime Cured Salmon
New Zealand Green Shell Mussels
Roe On Scallops
Mussel Meat
Paua Mince
Cooked Spanner Crab Meat
Raw Spanner Crab Meat

King Prawn & Pulled Pork
Smoked Salmon, Sandcrab, Dill & Caper

Lobster Mornay
Curried Prawn & Scallop
Creamy Smoked Salmon & Bacon w Dill

Panko Crumbed Prawn Cutlets
Panko Crumbed Squid Cakes
Crab Cakes
Salmon Rissoles
Green Prawn Meat
Bug Meat
Squid Tubes
Octopus Hands

Eumundi Organic Meats
Rib Fillet, Eye Fillet, Porterhouse, Organic Lamb Backstrap, Boneless Shoulder Lamb, Organic Lamb Racks, Pork Belly & Organic Paleo Mince.

Eumundi Organic Sausages
Bangalow Pork Chipolates, Organic Beef Sausages, Paleo Chicken & Lamb ‘Iron Plus’ Sausages, Turkey, Sage & Cranberry Sausages, Peking Duck Sausages

NEW Steamed Buns
Mushroom Tempeh, Wagyu Beef, BBQ Pork & Duck

Gourmet Seafood Cooking?

The seafood market @ CALOUNDRA team includes qualified chefs who love seafood, and are happy to give you advice on the latest in seafood cuisine and cooking. They are also able to cater for your private parties or functions.