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Our By Catch Menu

When our fishing crews are trawling for prawns, their by catch or extras might be bugs or crabs.

You as a customer might order a main of fish and chips, but a scallop or seafood stick as an extra from the by catch menu. See our options with fresh chips, salds and rice as sides as well.


Served with lemon & sea salt

1/2 Crumbed calamari(8)9.95
Full crumbed calamari(16)15.00
1/2 Salt & Pepper calamari(8)10.95
Full Salt & Pepper calamari(16)16.00


Served with lemon & sea salt

Battered mussel2.75
Seafood stick3.50
Crab claw3.85
Prawn cutlet3.85
Sea Scallop3.85
Crumbed oyster3.85
Fish cake3.95


Small 6.50
Medium 8.50
Large 12.50
Brown Rice (Per Serve)5.00


Potato scallop (homemade)1.95
Dim sim2.75
Pineapple fritter w/ cinnamom & sugar3.85
Battered sav4.25
Spring roll4.25
Chiko roll4.25
Chicken nuggets (6)7.70

Chips (gf)

Small - $5.50
Medium - $8.50
Large - $11.50
Sweet Potato Chips (Single Serve) - $9.00

Call seafood market @ Caloundra
on 5437 0733 or email us here.