Seafood Packs

/Seafood Packs

Kids, Couples & Family Packs

seafood market @ CALOUNDRA boasts the Sunshine Coast’s largest range of cooked seafood packs for takeaway.

Call seafood market @ Caloundra
on 5437 0733 or email us here.

Seafood Packs

Served with lemon & sea salt

Fish & Chips11.50
Fish, Chips & Salad of your choice15.50
Cod & Chips12.50
Seafood Basket 1 cod, prawn cutlet, sea scallop, 4 calamari, chips20.50
Couples Pack 2 cod, 1/2 calamari, chips28.90
Crumbed Calamari Pack 1/2 crumbed calamari, chips12.55
Salt & Pepper Calamari Pack 1/2 S & P calamari, chips13.55
Nippers Pack 3 fish bites, chips10.00
Family Pack 4 cod, full calamari, large chips55.00