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Full range of Fresh Local Seafood

seafood market @ CALOUNDRA is home to a large and fresh display of quality Australian Seafood.

Our friendly staff will clean your chosen seafood @ no cost so you can simply enjoy the pleasures of the ocean. 

Ask our in-house chefs for advice on how to make the most of fresh seafood in your kitchen.

Our Range

There is a large variety of whole fish, many varieties of fish fillets, oysters and a full range of fresh crustaceans.

For that special occasion or to make entertaining an enjoyable experience for all, seafood platters are available on request. 

Whole Fish

  • Fresh & local
  • Ready to cook
  • Cooking advice from our chefs


  • Freshly filleted & deboned daily
  • Large selection


  • Shucked daily
  • Tasmanian Pacific
  • Sydney Rock & Bottled



  • Mooloolaba Prawns
  • Sandgate Prawns
  • Fresh & Local


  • Mud, Spanner & Sand crabs
  • Moreton Bay & Balmain bugs
  • Lobsters & crayfish