Extras Sides & Salads

/Extras Sides & Salads

Our By Catch Menu

When our fishing crews are trawling for prawns, their by catch or extras might be bugs or crabs.

You as a customer might order a main of fish and chips, but a scallop or seafood stick as an extra from the by catch menu. See our options with fresh chips, salds and rice as sides as well.

Extras 'By Catch'

1/2 Calamari (8 pieces)$7.25
Full Calamari (16 pieces) $11.50
1/2 Salt & Pepper Calamari (8 pieces) $8.20
Full Salt & Pepper Calamari (16 pieces) $12.4
Battered Mussel$2.25
Seafood Stick $2.65
Sea Scallop $2.85
Crab Claw $2.95
Prawn Cutlet$3.10
Crumbed Oyster $3.20
Fish Cake $3.30
Homemade Potato Scallop $1.95
Dim Sim $2.10
Pineapple Fritter$3.00
Battered Sav $3.50
Spring Roll $3.90
Chicko Roll $3.90
Chicken Nuggets (6 pieces) $6.50

Chips, Salads & Rice

Small Chips
Gluten Free
Medium Chips
Gluten Free
Large Chips
Gluten Free
Sweet Potato Chips (Single Serve)$7.80
Small Salad
Coleslaw, Garden, Greek or Seafood
Medium Salad
Coleslaw, Garden, Greek or Seafood
Large Salad
Coleslaw, Garden, Greek or Seafood
Medium Brown Rice$4.50

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